Album : Rammohan Roy: Sestercentennial Birth Anniversary Exhibition

‘Among India’s great men Rammohun Roy holds a high rank. Like all great men he brought into the world his own idea and devoted his life to its realization. That idea was catholic worship. Whoever has deeply studied his life and carefully looked into his speculations and movements, cannot but admit this to have been his guiding principle. That he was a religious reformer of India is universally admitted. He is also reputed as an extraordinary theologian. He knew English, Arabic, Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Hebrew, and his writings bear testimony to his vast and varied learning. He it was who abolished the obnoxious custom of Suttee; he was one of the pioneers of native education, and his name also figures in the valuable suggestions he offered in furtherance of the reforms which took place in the early political administration of this country…… His name shines in undying glory not only in India but in England and America for the valuable theological works which his philanthropic heart promoted; but the real mission of his life, his peculiar ideal was to give to the world a system of catholic worship.’

                                                                      – Keshub Chunder Sen

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