Rammohan Roy: Sestercentennial Birth Anniversary Exhibition

Raja Rammohan Roy, the pioneer of modern Indian Renaissance introduced several reforms for the upliftment of the Indian Society. The initiatives taken for abolishing the barbaric practice of Sati or burning of Hindu widows alive along with their deceased husbands is one of his major contributions towards eradication of the social evils. He contributed a lot for women empowerment in India. He strongly supported women’s education and women’s right to property. Besides, he protested against child marriage and polygamy as well.

Rammohan brought changes in the education system. He supported introduction of western education in India and established few educational institutions. He protested against the Press Act. He believed in Unitarianism and formed the Brahmo Samaj. He composed books on social issues and religion in different languages. He also expressed his views regarding the prevailing economic system of the country during that period.

The tabloid contains archival data such as self-written autobiography of Rammohun Roy, details of his reforms and publications. It also consists of images of rare artworks on Sati or Sahamaron and newspaper reports (re-print) of the period, etc.

The publication was released on the day of inauguration of the Rammohan Roy: Sestercentennial Birth Anniversary Exhibition held on May 22, 2022 at Gallery Charubasona, Kolkata. It is edited by the curator Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya and published by Art Alinda.

Price: INR 300/-

For any query related to purchase please contact Mandas: 9831224323


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