Tribes India The Art and Soul of India ‘Aadi Chitra’ : A Note by Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya

India is the only country whose art and culture is one of the most ancient and modern of all the countries, ages and times of the world. Whatever its period and age may be determined, it captures wonder in various forms and mediums. From the Harappa Mohenjo-Daro to ancient sculptures or temple architecture is as ancient as ancient and modern Indian folk arts. In every nook and cranny of India there are Tribes of different languages ​​and different cultures, whose art creates wonder in today’s modern age. And the effort made by the Government of India to present this Tribal art to all the countrymen makes all the art lovers of the country feel proud.

The art forms that Tribes in different states and districts of the country display through their daily rituals are a wonder to a very modern and conscious society. Through their clothes, paintings on the walls of the huts, decoration of clothes and even the layout of the house, they show their unique artistic identity. The artistic patterns of these diverse communities are so extensive and detailed that it is impossible to convey them in brief words. Organic earth colour has been used for the use of colour in the paintings. Although the medium of expression of this art has changed over the generations, its original timeless style remains unchanged. Hence these works of art have taken on their social and group symbols. Therefore, we can easily recognize these peoples, know their history and their daily life only through art. Which makes us proud as an Indian. So, in the words of the poet Atul Prasad Sen – “Look at the union between different languages, different opinions, different clothes, diversity”.

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